Miki autoritatto

Innamorata della scrittura, del disegno e dell’animazione fin da piccola, coltivo una tenace determinazione allo story telling. Nonostante l’impegno universitario mi abbia talvolta condotta altrove, ho sviluppato una mia personale “teoria della rotonda” : devi prendere per la strada opposta per raggiungere più agevolmente il punto in cui volevi arrivare.

Credo fortemente nell’importanza di una buona struttura narrativa e ho trovato in Blender un potente strumento a supporto della sperimentazione comunicativa. Il suo essere Open Source, inoltre, è in linea con la fede che nutro per la libertà dell’informazione, supportata dal codice aperto.

SB_Miki_Varie_235La disgrazia di Don Chisciotte non è la sua fantasia, è Sancho Pancia. (Franz Kafka)

Here you are some information about me.

I was born in Forlimpopoli, a little town near Forlì which is where I live. Here, I completed my primary and secondary education.

I graduated in Computer Science in 2003 with the 4 year curriculum and then (the following year) I took the degree called ‘specialistica’ in the same field. My aim was to be able to take for qualification as a chartered engineer.

While writing my thesis, I came to live in Bologna. In this period, I tried to expand my interests taking advantage of the wide variety of opportunities provided by the city. Specializing my knowledge in the academic studies, I tried to maintain an open-mindedness and I addressed other fields including psychology, cognitive science and social science, too. This is an intent starting from the choice of a scientific degree after classical studies. Furthermore, Computer Science is the field which better permits multi-disciplinary work. In this perspective, I am also studying Japanese with Prof. Takeshita at the University of Bologna. I think that this country shows a strong connection between language and the attitude towards integrating images as part of every day communication. So I am studying Japanese from a double point of view: how to teach it and how the use of kanji is changing Japanese minds in constructing new knowledge. I never stop in front of something which arouse my interest. In addition, I supported my attitude as a story teller attending the Hampty Dumpty private comics school with the leader-ship of Giovanni Mattioli and Vanna Vinci both well-known script-writer and cartoonists.

I lived in Bologna for 5 years, until my second year as a PhD student. Some years ago, I resumed commuting. I have finished my 4th year but I have been granted an extension. In fact, being a PhD student without any grant, I have worked for 3 years as a CoCoCo/CoCoPro employed in the project CINI/WebMinds which involved me in administrative tasks, too. I also worked with a grant at the INGV, Dipartimento di Geofisica e Vulcanologia in Bologna. This has slowed up my research work.

In 2009 I spent 6 months in Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK) at Arjuna Technologies Ltd, a spin-off of the Newcastle University, studying IT agility, which is its main research topic.

In 2010 I joined the MDC Project at Cineca.

Now I’m working as computer scientist at Cineca, dealing with middleware applications, Pentaho advanced reporting, Virtual Heritage projects and software engineering.

I always fight for what I believe in, and I never give up once I’ve started.



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